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Caulking & Waterproofing

Sealant Removal & Installation

We have the ability to remove expired or deteriorating sealants for commercial structures as well as replace those sealants with tested and durable materials. Sealants, as with all building materials exposed to the elements, have a limited lifespan. Sealants are designed to move and flex with the building's natural movement, this causes sealants to endure significant stress over time. By replacing worn sealants with new manufacturer-recommended sealants, Baker Restoration can upgrade your envelope, ensure its energy efficiency and prolong the life of your building.

Urethane Injections

We recommend these services in areas containing joints that will most likely be painted over, or covered with an elastomeric coating. Acrylic or urethane based coatings will properly adhere to the urethane sealants.

Below-Grade Waterproofing

We provide a variety of professional commercial waterproofing services with competitive pricing. Our experience and commercial waterproofing service offerings have allowed us to become the Southeast's premier waterproofing contractor.