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Structural Repair

Baker Restoration has skilled crews with expertise in concrete structural repair. Considered the backbone of modern construction, concrete is both durable and readily available however it is not indestructible.

The elements take a toll on concrete surfaces over time and cause these surfaces to become vulnerable to structural damage. Protecting concrete from water and weather while also restoring it properly when damaged is essential to preserving commercial buildings and prolonging the life of the building.

Although seemingly indestructible, concrete is a hard, yet porous sponge. Moisture, chloride ions, pollutants and other harsh chemicals can penetrate surfaces if left unprotected and unsealed.

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Parking Garage Structural Repair

We provide structural stabilization, restoration and strengthening to parking decks across the Southeast.
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Crack Repair & Epoxy Injections

Baker Restoration can assess your concrete structure and will help you to determine the best way to repair and prevent new cracks.

Protecting your concrete structure

Concrete is one of the most resistant building materials, but often times weathering and wear will cause concrete to gradually break down and become unsightly or even dangerous. Depending on the extent of the structural damage, repairing concrete can be a cost effective option to full replacement. Baker Restoration offers numerous repair services to patch existing damage and restore concrete structures and prevent further damage.