Concrete Repair & Restoration

concrete repair services

Concrete Repair & Restoration

Baker Roofing Company is a fully licensed and insured specialty contractor that provides concrete restoration services for cracked, damaged, and deteriorating concrete foundations, walls, and more, to commercial clients throughout the Southeast. We are consistently staying up to date on the newest application techniques and systems to ensure the best job is always done the first time. We are the industry’s leading concrete restoration manufacturers since we began __ years ago. We promise to provide you with an honest assessment and recommendation for your project and are committed to quality workmanship and long lasting, consistent results. Since __, we have served thousands of satisfied customers and continue our brand reputation of ‘Always Good Work’. 

Structural Repair

The elements take a toll on concrete surfaces over time and cause these surfaces to become vulnerable to structural damage. Protecting and restoring concrete properly is essential to preserving and prolonging the life of the building. 

Cleaning & Sealing

Cleaning and sealing a commercial building is one of the best investments that is long-lasting and proven to reduce and resist moisture infiltration, biological growth and efflorescence. 

Parking Garage Repair

We provide structural stabilization, restoration and strengthening to parking decks across the Southeast. 

Carbon Fiber FRP

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) is comprised of polymer that is reinforced with a fiber. The fibers within an FRP are the main source of strength. 

Spalling & Delaminated Concrete

Concrete that has broken away from the rest of a slab is referred to as "spalling". This process is typically caused by moisture penetration, and therefore leads to the separation and delaminating of the concrete slab. 

Expansion Joints

Damaged or out of date expansion joints can restrict movement of the designed joints resulting in damage to structural components. 

Concrete Overlays

Numerous textures, patterns and colors can be created to emulate brick, tile, wood, pavers, and other surfaces. The result of the overlay is a durable coating that can stand the set of time. 

Epoxy Injections

Epoxy injections are typically used to repair cracks in structural concrete while also restoring the structural integrity and preventing moisture infiltration. 

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