Masonry Repair & Restoration

Masonry Repair & Restoration

Baker Restoration specializes in historic masonry restoration as well as other media, working in Southeast. Our primary expertise covers all porous architectural materials, both natural and man-made, in both interior and exterior applications. We pride ourselves on historic building interior and exterior scopes of work relating to masonry cleaning, repair, and other historic building components. Such projects have often included the deconstruction and reconstruction of decorative building components to allow for structural improvements. 

Stone Repair & Installation

Baker Restoration performs a variety of natural stone restoration, repair and cleaning services for architectural surfaces. 

Sealant Replacement

Baker Restoration has the capability to apply and replace sealants. Sealants are materials that are placed in building joints, pavings and other commercial structures where a weather-tight seal is needed. 

Masonry Cleaning

Masonry cleaning is performed utilizing mild, environmentally friendly cleaners to restore bricks and stonework to their original beauty. 

Historical Preservation 

From historical religious structures to historical municipal facilities and schools, Baker Restoration understands the sensitive nature of maintaining the architectural integrity of the original structure, while applying the newest technologies in restoration. 

Clear Water Repellants

Baker Restoration provides a variety of clear water repellents and services that are designed according to each unique stone surface, and provide an effective and lasting barrier to water intrusion on your stone and masonry exterior walls. 

Brick Replacement & Installation

Our professional restoration crews are experienced in spotting damaged bricks and are able to provide the best options for replacement extending the life of the building, eliminating water intrusion points, and enhancing the aesthetics of the building. 

Thru-Wall Flashing

When the flashing system becomes damaged, or is improperly installed, the water that collects in the wall cavity migrates directly to the interior of the building, causing potential mold issues and water damage. 

Brick & Stone Pointing

Masonry and stone are two o fate most durable building materials, but they are still susceptible to damage by improper maintenance or prolonged exposure to weather and moisture. 
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